We welcome a true variety of perspectives for this site.

In particular, we're interested in finding a group of curious, imaginative and witchy editors and columnists to write regularly or semi-regularly on their own topic of expertise or interest.

If you would like to write regularly for this site on one of the following topics, please drop us a message using this contact form.

Be sure to specify which topic interests you most and how often you’d be able to contribute. If you are interested in writing about something not listed, let us know!

Herbalism and/or Alchemy. We’re definitely interested in including articles about the use of herbs in both modern and traditional contexts. Columnists or editors wishing to focus on this topic must abide by certain rules regarding safety and include proper disclaimers about potentially harmful interactions and poisonous herbs.

Divination. We’re hoping to have many contributors focused on divination, given the diversity of techniques. Tarot, runes, bibliomancy, lithomancy… whatever form of divination you practice, we’d love to hear about it! Also of interest: writings on ethics in divination and theories of divination.

Astrology and Space Witchcraft. Many witches today are quite interested in the stars. We’re looking for someone knowledgeable about astrology, and especially its practical applications in magick. Any subject of interest to space witches or those curious about celestial bodies is appropriate here.

Defensive and Protection Magick. We’re definitely looking for tolerant, informed witches to write about matters of magical protection and, if they’re so inclined, more overt methods of magical defense and warding. Please note: this site does not condone curse-shaming.

Mythology and History. If you’re an amateur, budding, or even professional historian, loremaster, or legend buff, we want to hear from you! Articles can address topics like mythological analysis, history of the Craft, and general history of occult subjects.

Psychic Development. If your practice involves a lot of energy-based techniques, or practices such as remote viewing and psychometry, you can be our new psychic development editor! We’re looking for fluff-free articles that give the scoop on the psychic world, clairvoyant talents, and more!