Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

If you would like your work featured with the site’s Samhain 2017 launch, please submit it prior to October 7th, 2017!

Articles should be between 500 and 2500 words.

Articles are accepted in either PDF or Google Docs format, with the latter being most preferred. Please do not submit articles in Microsoft Word format if at all possible.

All articles should include an evocative cover illustration or photograph related to the subject matter. If you’ve written an article and need help finding a cover image for it, let us know and we can help! You must have the rights to use the image.

Plagiarism is absolutely not tolerated. If the words and ideas in the article are not primarily your own, we are not interested. If you paraphrase or reference another work (book, etc.,) please provide a citation for it and give proper credit where it is due.

If your article includes references, please use Chicago/Turabian-style citation methods.

Content submitted remains your intellectual property. It also need not be exclusive to this site - showcasing your work in multiple places, including here, is fine!

Since this site is very new, contributions are without compensation. We’re looking into ways of making the site self-sustaining, and providing compensation. At present, though, it’s not workable.

If you'd like to submit a piece of writing, art, or other content, pitch it to us here! Fill out this form, and we'll contact you with further steps.