Welcome to SecularWitch.com!

This brand-new site will become a casual and fun web-based magazine.

It's about all things witchy, with an emphasis on the personal experience of magick.  

Are you a secular witch (or other interested person) with a desire to write about the Craft? Want to hone your writing skills while reaching a wider audience?

Our focus here is on secular approaches to magick, witchcraft, divination and the occult. 

We hope to cover the gamut of magick in the new millennium.

So, we’re looking for some awesome witchy writers who would like to have their work showcased here!

Here's the basics!

We’re accepting content about secular witchcraft, divination, and the occult.

This includes spellcraft and practical magick as well as more theoretical topics. You can read more about possible article topics here!

Submissions can include articles, artwork, or even videos. Whatever medium you work in, we’re willing to showcase it!

We're definitely looking for a dedicated group of regular contributors, but single articles/pieces are welcome, too!

If you have an idea for content (an article, etc.,) but need a little help making it happen, let us know!

Read the guidelines for content submissions here!